Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision of Education

In the light of the Gospel and the charism of St. Bartolomea, we commit ourselves to ‘Education for Transformation’ by forming individuals to be spiritually oriented, intellectually alert, morally upright, emotionally balanced, socially conscious, patriotic and be agents of change for a just society.

School Infrastructure & Facilities

Provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment to discover the treasure within:
  • To make the students aware of their dignity as children of God.
  • To develop their intellectual, creative and aesthetic faculties.
  • To cultivate in them love and appreciation for their culture and tradition.
  • To train them to make correct use of their judgment, will and affectivity.
  • To inculcate sense of values.
  • To prepare them for an honest living.
  • To develop a well balanced personality for the good of the society.

At the completion of this Education we expect

A Holy Child Girl/boy

Spiritually oriented ………….. has faith in God
Intellectually alert ………………….. has sound knowledge
Morally upright ……………………. develops moral values
Emotionally balanced ……………… integrated personality
Sensitive to the needs of other ……. has social awareness
Achievement oriented …………….. loves hard work
Patriotic …………………………… has national spirit.

He/She sees the best that is in him/ her associates and gives the best that is in him/ her following the school Motto “Always more and Always Better.” We seek the intelligent collaboration of the parents and active co-operation of the teachers for the attainment of those ideals and objectives

Profile Of A Student Of Holy Child School

Believing that a Child is a – “bundle of a possibilities” a human gift laid in the hands of my parents and teachers and knowing fully well that I belong to the family of Holy Child School –

I Allow Myself to be

Open to good inspiration from God,
Guided by my parents and teachers,
Loved and respected by my teachers and schoolmates.
And a model of goodness to all.

I Pledge

To be an obedient student, respecting the rules of the school
To love and honour my parents and teachers.
To uphold and foster the moral values taught to me,
To love and respect the poor and do everything in my power to alleviate their sufferings.
To take part in school activities,
To be simple as a child in my behavior
To respect as equals my classmates
To help everyone in times of need
To make correct use of my judgement.
To foster in me spiritual values

I Will Avoid

Fighting by words and deeds
Using language not becoming of a student
Making fun of others’ intellectual & physical disabilities.

And So - To Be A Good Student

I will be spiritually oriented.
I shall make full use of my capabilities & intelligence
I shall be morally upright & uphold all moral values
I shall be generous, kind and gentle, loving and caring in my behaviour.

And Above All

Love my family, school and country and hold them at high esteem.